[Prompt] Drives Me Crazy

What candrives me crazy?

I’d rather be alone. I like a quiet situation with listening to my favorite song. When they all come with a mouth that can’t stop talking, my head like want to shout. Everything turned out to be unpleasant.

I hate doing things I don’t like. It’s like time is running very slow.

I felt I was going crazy when I saw a pile of my report that has not been completed.

It’s driving me crazy when Sungmin doing aegyo >. <

It’s driving me crazy when I can’t see the Super Show in Indonesia. I’d love to meet up with Super Junior even though they will not remember me.

It drives me crazy when reading horror stories and I can’t stop even though I feel the fear alone.

It drives me crazy when I want to go home but I can’t return home.



Written for DP Daily Prompt She Drives Me Crazy